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Bed Bug Peace of Mind for Sale-Products That We Offer and Travel Tips

Bedbug magnify44032861_sIt’s a worrisome question we all must ponder these days when we decide to travel, will we bring home bed bugs with us? When armed with knowledge and backed with some prevention aids, we can travel and return home more at ease.

Remember When Traveling:

  • If you’re checking in a hotel or motel, put your luggage in the bathroom tub or elevated on a rack away from the bed and wall and closely inspect mattresses, paying special attention to crevices. Also inspect the headboard, sofa and chairs.
  • If bed bugs are found in your room, request a new room, but not a room that is adjacent or directly above or below the room you were originally booked. Bed bug infestations can spread to rooms closest to the infested room of origin.
  • Perform a thorough outside inspection of your luggage upon returning home. Unpack outside of your home and as an extra dose of prevention, vacuum out your suitcase(s).
  • Launder all clothing in hot water. Lastly, as an added safety measure, place dryer-safe clothing items in the dryer for 15 minutes or more on the highest setting.

We can offer some extra peace of mind in the form of products we offer for purchase.

Products for Purchase Include:

Bed Bug Monitors– Offering a couple choice in brands of bed bug monitors for early detection and monitoring.

Mattress Covers and Encasements-Available in multiple sizes.

Large Bed Bug Monitoring Units for Property Management Companies

It is important to note that while monitoring tools and methods have certainly improved; no tool exists that is 100% reliable in detecting bed bugs. If you believe you may have a bed bug problem, we recommend an inspection be performed by one of our licensed technicians or by our certified bed bug dog, Pepper.

If you’re in need of these products, an inspection or would like service options for bed bugs, give us a call at our Muskego office at 262-679-4422, our Oconomowoc office at 262-354-3444, our Oshkosh office at 920-385-0412 or toll free at 800-956-0800  Visit our website at www.safewaypest.net


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Why Pests Love the Holiday Season Too

While you’re getting ready for holiday festivities, in the background, some pests may be celebrating right along with you!



You may not realize it, but pests can be commonly introduced into your home via some surprising ways, such as your Christmas tree! Other easy access routes may originate from wreaths and firewood. Some pests can live deep in the crevices of wood. To prevent bringing pests into your home, inspect wood for eggs, pests and nests and shake off trees and greenery outdoors before bringing them inside.

Decorating your home and tree can bring much joy, but also can bring about another way in which pests can enter your living space. Boxes of decorations kept in storage areas such as garages, attics and basements are great places for pests to hide. Unpack any holiday decorations outside or in the garage and keep decorations sealed up in storage bins with tight-fitting lids for an extra dose of protection.

Looking forward to all of those holiday goodies? So are pests! It’s no secret that pests love FOOD. Before making those delicious treats, check your pantry for any expired ingredients and also check items that haven’t been used in awhile. For best pest prevention, keep food items stored in containers, clean up food messes and don’t let those dirty dishes sit overnight.

If you’re planning a holiday getaway, keep in mind that you may not escape hidden pests. Bed Bugs specialize in holiday travel and are sneaky hitchhikers. Bed Bugs travel easily in your luggage and personal belongings. If you’re checking in somewhere, put your luggage in the bathroom tub or elevated on a rack away from the bed and wall and closely inspect mattresses, paying special attention to crevices.  Perform an outside inspection of your luggage upon returning home.  Lastly, as an added safety measure, place dryer-safe clothing items in the dryer for 15 minutes or more on the highest setting.

All of us at Safeway Pest Management wish you a happy and pest-free holiday season!

If you’re in need of professional assistance with a pest issue, give us a call at 262-679-4422 or toll free at 800-956-0800 or visit us on the web at http://www.safewaypest.net.

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Traveling Without Bed Bug Hitchhikers

In times past, trip planners probably didn’t have a Bed Bug checklist to go over as part of the trip itinerary, but these days it is a necessity.

According to a survey conducted by the NPMA (National Pest Management Association), 75% of pest professionals indicated that they have encountered infestations of Bed Bugs in hotels and motels.

Using the tips below, you can lessen the likelihood of hitchhiking Bed Bugs following you to your home.


  • Before unpacking your items, thoroughly inspect the entire room. Check behind sofas, chairs and behind headboards. You’re looking for anything from live, moving red/reddish-brown insects and their eggs to blood spots and fecal matter.
  • Check the beds. Pull back the sheets and inspect the mattress seams, particularly at the corners. Look for spotting or small stains.
  • If you find any signs of Bed Bugs, change establishment or request a new room at the current establishment. If you do need to change rooms, make sure you do not move to a room adjacent or directly above or below the suspected infestation. Bed Bugs can easily travel from room to room.
  • Consider packing your suitcases in protective plastic trash bags or covers during your stay to lessen the chance of Bed Bugs entering your belongings. Keeping your things in the bathroom, especially in the bathtub, will also lessen the chances of Bed Bugs entering them.
  • Keep all of your dirty laundry in a sealed bag during your stay.
  • Upon returning home, unpack and inspect your luggage before entering your home. Vacuum out suitcases, place clothing in protected bags and wash all garments in hot water before storing them back into your drawers or closets.


If you find that you have in fact brought home some Bed Bug hitchhikers, it is best to call a licensed pest management professional for help.

Safeway Pest Management is licensed and our technicians have extensive knowledge regarding Bed Bugs and the treatment and eradication of Bed Bugs. We also have our Bed Bug trained dog, Pepper, to inspect and sniff them out. We offer options in the treatment of Bed Bugs, including chemical and heat treatment.

Call our office at 262-679-4422 or 800-956-0800 or visit us online at www.safewaypest.net

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