Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home After the Holidays

20977855 - bedbug  cimex lectularius  isolated on white backgroundIf you’re planning a getaway of any sort, best guess is that you’ll want to avoid bringing bed bugs home after the holidays.

Bed bugs specialize in holiday travel; they are sneaky hitchhikers who travel home easily in your luggage and personal belongings. Following the tips below can reduce your chance for bringing bed bugs back from your holiday vacation.

  • If you’re checking in somewhere, the first thing you’ll want to do is to put your luggage in the bathroom tub or elevated on a rack away from the bed and wall.
  • Next, pull back the bed sheets and closely inspect the mattresses (if you packed a flashlight, it will come in handy here), pay special attention to the crevices. You can also check surrounding areas such as the bed’s headboard and nearby couches and furniture. You are looking for tiny black dots, blood stains and for actual bed bugs, dead or alive.
  • If you do find any evidence of bed bugs, request a room change that is not adjacent to or near your current room. Make sure to inspect the new room as you did the first.
  • Perform an outside inspection of your luggage upon returning home. For an extra ounce of protection, you can vacuum out your suitcases. Lastly, as an added safety measure, wash your clothing items in hot water and place dryer-safe clothing items in the dryer for 15 minutes or more on the highest setting.

All of us at Safeway Pest Management wish you a happy and pest-free holiday season!

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