Mosquitoes: Fight the Bite!

MosquitoThe most effective way to reduce the mosquito population in your yard and community is to eliminate potential breeding areas.

Standing water is the ideal breeding location for mosquitoes.


Some common areas where mosquitoes breed and some tips to reduce their numbers:

Water Holding Containers:  Put away items such as empty flower pots, water jugs, yard toys, old tires

Small Boats/Canoes and Wheelbarrows-Store these upside down

Roof Gutters: Clean clogged gutters

Water Fountains and Bird Baths– Change the water frequently (at least once or twice a week)

Backyard Ponds-Consider agitating the water by adding a waterfall or fountain


Some other helpful mosquito reducing tips:

Fill open tree stumps with sand

Keep shrubs and grass in your yard well trimmed

Cover Trash Containers

Check for any leaks on outdoor faucets

Check and straighten any tarps that have pooling water

Properly maintain swimming pools

Dispose of all empty beverage containers and lids

Screen all windows and doors, patch any holes in screens


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Safeway Pest Management Muskego Office: 262-679-4422 Oconomowoc Office: 262-354-3444 or Toll Free 800-956-0800 or visit us on the web:



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