Mouse in your house?

With cooler weather approaching, many people may begin to see rodent invaders enter their home trying to escape the dropping temperatures. Granted it is not cold…yet. The reason many people are running into mice, and other rodents, is because temperatures were mild and ‘spring-like’. This kept lawns, weeds, and trees growing, instead of going dormant. This constant growth of foliage provides the cover needed for all rodents. The growth in foliage allows them to avoid natural predators (cats, dogs, hawks, owls, etc.) giving them a surplus in numbers and expanding their territory.
You can reduce the likelihood of rodent infestation, by trimming shrubs and bushes from the bottom up. Try to keep six inches of clear space, under flora near your home. Look for half inch diameter holes in the ground over the summer months to monitor rodent activity.
A female mouse can have 4-8 litters per year, with 6-12 babies per litter. Females have a gestation period of 2 months; they can also be re-impregnated after 24 hours.
To stop this onslaught of vermin from breaching your walls, Contact Safeway Pest Management (262)679-4422.
We will give you peace of mind!

 By: Josh Koenig

Technical Director and Service Technician at Safeway Pest Management


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