Bed Bug Misconceptions-Putting them to Rest

9555644-image-of-q-a-on-3d-blocks-isolated-on-a-white-backgroundYou may have hoped that a new season and a new year would bring a new lower number of bed bug infestations in Wisconsin, but unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. Many are seeking the help of a professional to eradicate their bed bug problem, and answer their bed bug questions.
There are many misconceptions regarding bed bugs, where they come from, why, and how to deal with them. This is due to the overwhelming amount of information readily available on the internet, some which may be incorrect.

Below are some common questions and misconceptions regarding bed bugs:

Q: How did I get bed bugs in my home? Is it because our mattresses are very old?
A: Most bed bug infestations start with a simple, unknown transaction. For instance, someone you know may be unaware that they have bed bugs at home and they are accidentally carried into your home while staying with you, or the apartment that you share a wall with has a bed bug infestation. Another possibility is that you took a trip and picked bed bugs up at a hotel you stayed at, or bed bugs came in on that furniture you bought at a rummage. You even could have picked bed bugs up during a trip to a movie theater.
Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers!
Bed bugs are not attracted to dirt though, nor are they more common to those at a lower poverty level; they are attracted to warmth, blood and carbon dioxide. However, a thorough cleaning of an affected area, and reducing clutter can deprive bed bugs of some of their hiding places, slowing down, but not halting, an infestation.
If you are feeling uneasy about your mattresses/box springs, there are encasements that you can purchase to defend your mattress against bed bugs (although a mattress cover will not cure a current infestation in your home).
Q: I have bed bugs. Do I have to treat my pet?
A: Bed bugs will occasionally bite pets, and it is possible for a bed bug to hitchhike in a pet’s fur to get to reach a new and better suited infestation site , but bed bugs will always prefer a human over a pet.
There isn’t any need to treat a pet.

For more information, experienced treatment options, or for knowledgeable answers to your questions regarding bed bugs, call us at 262-679-4422 or 800-956-0800, or visit us on the web at
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