With Autumn Comes the Appearance of Box Elder Bugs

Box Elder Bugs inherited their name by their preferred food source, the Box Elder Tree. But, you can also find them feeding on the seeds of other trees such as Maple and Ash trees. Box Elder Bugs tend to bring only minor damage to trees, and they are not considered a danger to homes, people or property.

Box Elder Bugs are pretty easy to spot. They are about a ½” long and have a black body with red markings on their wings.

You may be wondering what makes these insects such an issue. For one, they will congregate in large numbers. They also have the capability to leave behind “waste stains” where they have been. The bugs are most noticeable during the months of September and October, and especially during dry spells. During that time, Box Elder Bugs can be found on the southern sunny side of buildings, trees and rocks. Once the cooler temperatures of winter begin to set in, they will find their way inside of homes to find a protective place to overwinter.

Box Elder Bugs will enter homes through foundation and siding cracks, and small gaps around pipes, windows and doors. They will not reproduce in homes, but they will come out into rooms when the temperature in the home is warm enough.

The best way to control a problem with Box Elder Bugs is to prevent them from ever entering your home by sealing off any entry ways they are finding and using. Caulking openings around windows and doors will also aid in keeping the bugs outdoors. If the problem becomes too much to handle, it’s best to call a licensed Pest Management professional to assist.

Safeway Pest Management is a licensed pest management company covering southern, central and northern central Wisconsin. Our technicians are knowledgeable in the treatment of Box Elder Bugs. We will also inspect your home for any cracks or gaps that pests may be using so that you can prevent them from future entry.

Give us a call at 262-679-4422 or 800-956-0800 or visit us on the web at www.safewaypest.net


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