Traveling Without Bed Bug Hitchhikers

In times past, trip planners probably didn’t have a Bed Bug checklist to go over as part of the trip itinerary, but these days it is a necessity.

According to a survey conducted by the NPMA (National Pest Management Association), 75% of pest professionals indicated that they have encountered infestations of Bed Bugs in hotels and motels.

Using the tips below, you can lessen the likelihood of hitchhiking Bed Bugs following you to your home.


  • Before unpacking your items, thoroughly inspect the entire room. Check behind sofas, chairs and behind headboards. You’re looking for anything from live, moving red/reddish-brown insects and their eggs to blood spots and fecal matter.
  • Check the beds. Pull back the sheets and inspect the mattress seams, particularly at the corners. Look for spotting or small stains.
  • If you find any signs of Bed Bugs, change establishment or request a new room at the current establishment. If you do need to change rooms, make sure you do not move to a room adjacent or directly above or below the suspected infestation. Bed Bugs can easily travel from room to room.
  • Consider packing your suitcases in protective plastic trash bags or covers during your stay to lessen the chance of Bed Bugs entering your belongings. Keeping your things in the bathroom, especially in the bathtub, will also lessen the chances of Bed Bugs entering them.
  • Keep all of your dirty laundry in a sealed bag during your stay.
  • Upon returning home, unpack and inspect your luggage before entering your home. Vacuum out suitcases, place clothing in protected bags and wash all garments in hot water before storing them back into your drawers or closets.


If you find that you have in fact brought home some Bed Bug hitchhikers, it is best to call a licensed pest management professional for help.

Safeway Pest Management is licensed and our technicians have extensive knowledge regarding Bed Bugs and the treatment and eradication of Bed Bugs. We also have our Bed Bug trained dog, Pepper, to inspect and sniff them out. We offer options in the treatment of Bed Bugs, including chemical and heat treatment.

Call our office at 262-679-4422 or 800-956-0800 or visit us online at


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