The Buzz Surrounding Spring


Ah, Spring. That miraculous time of the year: the warmer air, the singing birds, the rebirth of flowers…and yes, insects. Yes, along with the budding of the flowers and the trees, you can expect to see the crawling and flying of many insects.

Our current clients will have “Peace of Mind”, knowing they already booked, or soon will be booking their Spring service. But, for those who haven’t, there are some tips and information below to prepare you for the new season’s intruders.

Ants are one of the first to come alive and build their colonies in the Spring. To keep ants at bay:

*Keep kitchen surfaces clean, promptly wipe away any spills.

*Get to Spring cleaning! Consider pulling out that refrigerator and stove and cleaning behind them. Even the smallest crumbs can be an attractant (clean not only to deter ants, but to prevent Cockroaches and Flies as well).

*There may be ant sprays out there for the consumer to purchase, but that does not mean they work. Sprays tend to send ants scattering. Until a colony is eradicated, the ants will keep returning, especially if they have a hearty food source.

Some other Spring prevention tips:

*Re-caulk the edges of windows and window sills to prevent entry of insects.

*De-clog any drains inside and outside of your home. Organic material is an attractant for some insects.

*Seal any gaps in doorways or walls.

*Remove foliage on the roof and surrounding the building.

Lastly, inspect your home. Look for openings, cracks and crevices or gaps that may be on the foundation of your home. Inspect your yard and surrounding trees for insect infestations to catch them before they become a larger problem.

Don’t want to inspect? Not a problem! Call Safeway Pest Management and we will come inspect for you. We will make you aware of any potential problem areas and take care of any current issues that you are dealing with.

Give us a call! 262-679-4422 or 800-956-0800

“We’ll Give You Peace of Mind”


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